Local Area Network ( LAN)
The existence of local area network connections is mostly seen in office buildings, schools, colleges, and small businesses. Local area connection is used to connect computers, printers, scanners, and other devices in the different departments to share data files, information, and internet access and to facilitate communication between users. To install a new LAN or to upgrade the existing network, Wifi Genius is the best choice to fulfill your dreams.

What is a LAN ( Local Area Network)?

LAN is the abbreviation of Local Area Network. It is a network in which many devices such as computers, printers, scanners, etc. are connected locally in small areas to share data, information, and internet access between users. The use of LAN is common in areas like schools, offices, medium size businesses, and even in homes if there are more devices. Local area networks can be wired networks and wireless networks. Both wired and wireless LANs can provide reliable and fast communication between devices within the network

Wired Local Area Network

A wired LAN is a type of network in which the devices are connected to the network using cables. In this network, the connection is physical such as ethernet cable, and fiber optic is used for connecting devices. Aired local area network connection boosts your speed if the cables used for connection are of high quality. Such connections are beneficial for businesses like cinemas and internet cafes.

Wireless Local Area Network

A wireless LAN is a type of network in which the devices are connected to the network using wifi. In this network, the connection is made by using radio waves such as wifi technology. If the wifi you are using is strong enough then a wireless local area connection is the best choice for your business and home to connect all devices at the same time and provide high-quality internet speed. A strong wifi connection is an effective and secure way to transfer data and information without any distortion

Local Area Network Installation

Setting up a LAN is quite a tough job. It needs a professional network and wifi providers to achieve the desired goals and objectives. Wifi Genius, a professional network services provider in the UK, serves the people with its experienced network installers. If you are installing LANs in your homes, schools, offices, medium size businesses wifi Genius provides the following services regarding LANs.

  • Wifi and network Installation services
  • Network repair services
  • Network maintenance 
  • Cable installation
  • Network cabinet installation 

Local Area Network Installation