Wifi Installation Services UK

Wifi is used globally for activities such as research, business marketing, entertainment, and communication. The high demand for wifi means that the need for internet connection through the use of cables is dying out, while the demand of wireless wifi connection is at its peak. However, there is no point in having a wireless connection if it’s not providing you with the best connection, and this all stems from how your wifi has been installed. This is where we step in. Although there are thousands of wifi installation companies across the UK, Wifi Genius is one of the best wifi installers. We are famous across the UK due to our qualified wifi engineers, installers, and instructors, while always leaving our customers fully satisfised with the highest quality wifi.

Skillful Wifi Engineer

Skillful and experienced wifi installers and wifi engineers suggest high-quality routers, switches, modems and cables.They are expert in installation of wifi, network switches,cabling and network management.

Excellent Customer Service

Wifi Genius provides excellent customer service through our experienced and friendly team. We respond to queries in a timely manner, and will always find a solution to your issue

Quick And Efficient Wifi Installers

We install the wifi within hours of the same day being ordered. The installers are able to reach the premises in efficient timing, and provide a high-quality service. This service means that customers build a long-lasting relationship with Wifi Genius.

Safe & Secure Wifi Instllation

Set up things in a secure way.The installers put the wifi password according to the owner’s wishes and keep it secret and private from outsiders.

Easy To Access

The Wifi Genius team install the wifi in the most effective place possible, so you are able to access the internet at high speed throughout the home or business location.

Affortable Cost

Wifi Genius offers the best wifi installation rates across the UK. The reasonable rates make it a popular choice among customers.


If your wifi has been installed by us, we will always ensure that we provide your network with a password. To make your wifi even more secure, you may want to change the password that you currently have, update your router firmware, and hide your SSID. If you have trouble regarding any of these solutions, contact Wifi Genius and one of instructors will be able to assist you.

After around one and half minute, the lights on the router should turn on, and the wifi will begin to work straight away at maximum strength and speed.

Our wifi experts will take around 25 minutes to install the wifi overall. This is because they also check it’s in the best location, check the speed and strength of the internet, check the security password, and then check the routers position.

We have 15,000 vehicles ready to deliver your time-sensitive engineering parts on time. Our same-day and express delivery services ensure that your items reach their destination faster and at a lower cost than other companies.

Wifi Installation Process

Our expert team of Home wifi installers are trained to ensure that all safety measures are followed while being able to provide a simple and quick installation. Upon arrival of the location, our installers will do a short survey to find the best location to fit the router within the building. They will then connect the router with a power supply using a high-quality cable. Next, they’ll install the manufacturer’s software onto a laptop or computer, and configure the router settings. After the router is configured, the customer can then choose a name for their network, and a strong password to secure it. The installer will then assist with connecting the wifi to any devices, and double check that the signal is available
in every corner or the building. Once the customer is satisfied, the installer will then leave the premises, and is available to contact through our website

Don’t Move Anywhere

If you are interested in having the best wifi service within your home, office, or business location, then Wifi Genius is the service for you. Our team of professional experts are able to provide you with the best wifi installations and solutions. This is to ensure that you are equipped with high quality modems and routers that provide high speed, and full strength wifi throughout your building.