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High-speed internet is the cry of the day everywhere in the world. A place without internet availability is a nightmare to spend life. Therefore the existence of wifi is an essential part of every business. Installing wifi in places like Offices, institutions, coffee shops, cafes, and homes is easy to install because of its small area and size. However, wifi installation in warehouses is quite tough and difficult as it has a large area and is hard to cover with standard wifi routers.

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Challenges in warehouse wifi installation 

Since a warehouse is a large place usually made of concrete and metals used to store raw materials and finished goods. Because of its large area and size, there are many challenges for installers to face while installing warehouse wifi. Following are some of the challenges in warehouse wifi solutions.

  • Material stored in warehouses has a great effect on wifi. Materials like paper, clothes. Shirts, metal parts, metal bins, etc. impact the performance of routers.
  • Since warehouses are mostly made up of metals and concrete. Therefore, these materials block the wifi signals and affect the internet speed on the premises.
  • There are big stores and walls in front of the access points and hence reducing and blocking the signals in far areas of the warehouse.
  • Large area of the warehouse is very difficult to cover with wifi signals everywhere on the premises.
  • Access point configuration and its effects on signal availability is also difficult to handle.

Services of Wifi Genius in warehouse wifi installation

Warehouse wifi installations are tough to install because of many hurdles and obstacles. To install wifi in the warehouse and make sure full signals and high-speed internet in the premises of the warehouse needs professional and expert installers. In this regard Wifi Genius, a professional wifi services provider in the UK is popular among people for the installation of warehouse wifi solutions. The qualified engineers and skilled installers follow the below methodology to install wifi in the warehouse.

Survey of warehouse and meeting with owners

The Wifi genius team arranges a meeting with the warehouse administrations and discusses all the necessary issues and requirements of the warehouse premises. After a meeting, the experts of wifi Genius do a survey of the warehouse and measure the necessary stuff for the wifi installation. They get information regarding areas, size, and users, etc.

Developing a plan for wifi installation

After getting all the information regarding the warehouse the experts set a plan for the warehouse wifi installation. They develop the project plan by keeping the following points in mind.

  • Hurdles in installation and wifi signals
  • Number of routers to cover the warehouse premises
  • Type of routers to install
  • Types of cables use for connections
  • Number of access points in the warehouse
  • location s for routers

Installers services 

After setting a detailed plan the specialized and experienced warehouse wifi installers reach the warehouse and install wifi. They make sure of the following things after providing warehouse wifi solutions services.

  • Signals available in every corner of the warehouse
  • Speed of internet in warehouse premises
  • No blockage of signal
  • Cables and routers’ safety

After doing all the necessary processes of the installers, they checked the work done by the owners and signed a letter of satisfaction.

Advantages of warehouse wifi

Following are some of the major advantages of installing supreme quality warehouse wifi in the warehouse.

The best way of communications

A professionally installed warehouse wifi offers the best network for communications among owners, drivers, suppliers, customers, and administrations. In case of any emergent situations, the drivers and suppliers communicate with administrations. Such quality warehouse wifi solutions provide excellent customer service. Administration arranges meetings on zoom and Slack with other dealers without any signal distortions and internet disconnections.

A sign of security

Installing the best warehouse wifi offers to control the installed CCTV cameras far from the warehouse, and have a check on employees and staff. Such sort of work needs high-speed internet which is done by installing high-quality wifi in the warehouse.

Make you able to digital packing

High-speed internet wifi makes you able to do digital packing in the warehouse. Such packings are more accurate as compared to traditional packing. With digital packing, one can make accurate stocks, unlike traditional packing.

Offers the best reputation

Providing internet facilities to employees living in the warehouse feels proud on the part of your business. They do work with full devotion and sincerity. Dealing with other people presents a good look at your company and business. Such features are responsible for a good reputation in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

The demand of modern business and modern trade is to have the best warehouse wifi. Without wifi, a warehouse can not perform daily activities. A warehouse wifi solution keeps employees connected with administrations and other businesses.

Warehouse wifi is tough to install because of many challenges. However, wifi Genius with its professional installers make it easy for you. They are well aware of the warehouse wifi installation and provide full signal surety in every corner of the warehouse. Our team can resolve the issues by many ways. For example, installing more routers and source points, high speed routers and best cables etc.

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I was very worried about my previous wifi service as there were always low and dropping signal issues. Thank you Wifi Genius for your best wifi installation service. Hats up!




Such skilled and professional wifi installation experts I have never seen in my life. Now I am happy and feel proud for choosing the Wifi genius team for its best wifi services and solutions. Thank you Wifi Genius.



Alisha Mark

Before wifi genius installation services, I was in a big tension of not getting smooth internet in my room. Also, there were issues with no signal in some locations of my home. I am surprised now by having Wifi Genius service in my home. Amazing!

Alisha Mark



With Wifi Genius solutions, I feel comfortable and tension free while having zoom meetings, video conferences, and internet calls. I can get a signal anywhere in my office without any distortion. It’s an honor for us to have wifi genius for our digital marketing and marketing campaign. Awesome services.


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