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Wireless network services are very important in the modern world. Companies look to install high-quality wireless networks for their businesses for the purpose to get smooth access to the internet. To enable mobility, productivity, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and customer experience every business needs wireless network installation on their premises. With Wifi Genius you can get the best wireless network services and resolve all your issues related to the network.

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Wifi Genius and Wireless Network Installation

Wifi Genius has experienced and qualified engineers and installers. Our trained and specialized installers install the wireless network by following some steps.

Assessments and planning

Our Installers do necessary assessments of the business area and discuss the basic things with the owners. For example, the connection of devices to the network, the area to be covered, and the required bandwidth. Also, they survey the whole building and determine the best locations for the network hardware based on the coverage area.

Network selection

Our installers choose the best wireless network technology that fulfills the demands of your business and covers the required area. They select the appropriate network hardware, such as routers, access points, and wireless adapters, based on the network requirements and the selected wireless technology.

Installation and configuration

After the selection of the desired technology for your business, our installers install the routers and hardware and configure the network. They test the network functions, speed, coverage, and reliability everywhere on the premises. They secure the network by putting usernames and passwords of the owner's choice and get satisfactory letters from the owner.

Benefits of wireless network services

Wireless network services offer many benefits. Following are some of the key advantages of wireless network installation services.

No need for physical cables

Wireless network services allow users to connect to the network by entering usernames and passwords. It does not need any physical cables for its connection. Due to this feature users move easily here and there on the premises. It makes it easier for users to connect devices and access information and data quickly and efficiently.

Addition of more devices

Wireless networks have high scalability. Such features make the owner able to add more users and devices in the best interest of the business and organization. Without any network technician adding more devices and users makes it simpler than wired networks.

Cost-effective for business

Using a wired network for business needs to install expansive cables like fiber optic and ethernet cables will cost you more. However, using a wireless network for your business communication would save and limit your budget. Hence wireless networks are cost-effective due to no physical cables.

Offer customers loyalty

Wireless network services can provide a better experience for customers by allowing them to access information and services more easily. This can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. Customers feel happy and proud of your brand and services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting a professional and experienced wifi provider is the dream of everyone. If you are looking for a professional wireless network provider you must look for features like costs, coverage, network support, reliability, etc. For your information, you can get your desired wireless network with Wifi Genius.

Issues regarding wifi signals are common with everyone. Try to reset your router a couple of times and check for the signal again. Also, you can change your router’s location or install a high-quality router to cover your area and business requirements. For more queries contact wifi Genius.

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I was very worried about my previous wifi service as there were always low and dropping signal issues. Thank you Wifi Genius for your best wifi installation service. Hats up!




Such skilled and professional wifi installation experts I have never seen in my life. Now I am happy and feel proud for choosing the Wifi genius team for its best wifi services and solutions. Thank you Wifi Genius.



Alisha Mark

Before wifi genius installation services, I was in a big tension of not getting smooth internet in my room. Also, there were issues with no signal in some locations of my home. I am surprised now by having Wifi Genius service in my home. Amazing!

Alisha Mark



With Wifi Genius solutions, I feel comfortable and tension free while having zoom meetings, video conferences, and internet calls. I can get a signal anywhere in my office without any distortion. It’s an honor for us to have wifi genius for our digital marketing and marketing campaign. Awesome services.