How much does it cost to install Ethernet at home in the UK?

How Much Does to Install Ethernet in House UK

The use of ethernet cable in houses and offices increases day by day in order to get high-speed, and reliable internet to allow businesses to run smoothly. With the wifi installation london of ethernet cables, people are able to keep connected on zoom meetings, conferences, videos, and audio calls, while allowing everything to run smoothly.

The installation of ethernet cables can be quite complicated, so therefore needs a professional to install it. The cables will need to be protected from twisting, stretching, and bending, so therefore need extra care. Below we discuss the cost of installing ethernet cables in a home in the UK.

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Cost of installing ethernet cables in the UK

The prices of installing ethernet cables in a house in the UK, are not fixed. It depends on many factors such as; the size of the house, the number of rooms that are needed for the ethernet connectivity, the number of devices to be connected, the quality of the ethernet cable and sockets, switches, the length of ethernet cables, and the complexity of the installation.

The size of the house

The cost of installation of the ethernet cable in the UK depends on the size of the house. If the distance between the device and the network device is quite large, more ethernet cable is needed for its installation, therefore, increasing the cost. An example would be, a larger house with multiple floors or rooms may require more ethernet cables to ensure connectivity to all areas. This could result in a higher overall cost, as more cables and equipment may need to complete the installation.

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Category and quality of the ethernet cable

The category of ethernet cables can have an effect on the overall cost of the installation. The higher the category of the cable, the more expensive it will be due to higher-category cables having a higher bandwidth. This is so they can transmit data at a faster speed, over long distances, which requires more advanced materials and manufacturing processes. An example is, category 6 ethernet cables being more expensive than category 5 ethernet cables, due to its bandwidth and transmission data speed.

Number of devices

The number of devices in a network can have an effect on the cost of ethernet cable installation. This is because the more devices there are in a network, the longer the cable would need to be, and each connection would need a separate ethernet cable. Therefore it will increase the overall cost of installing ethernet cable.

Network switches 

Network switches need different types of ethernet cables which vary in price. An example is, Cat6 or Cat7 cables being more expensive than Cat5 because Cat6 and Cat7 cables can support a switch. This will affect the overall cost of installation.

Types of walls and floors

The cost of ethernet cable installation in houses in the UK also depends on the types of floors and walls in the house. For example, a solid brick or concrete wall, can be much more difficult to drill through than drywall, which can increase the cost of installation. If the house has existing infrastructure, such as raceways, it may be easier and less expensive to install ethernet cables. However, if the existing infrastructure is outdated or damaged, it may need to be replaced, again, increasing the cost.

Labor charges

he difficult thing in the installation of ethernet cables, is the running of the cables. If the wall is made of a solid material, such as bricks or concrete, then the labour for running the cables through the walls and floors will cost more.


In short, there is no fixed cost to install ethernet cable in the house. The overall cost of ethernet cable depends on many factors such as labour work, quality and type of ethernet cables, types of walls and floors, number of devices, network switches, size of the home, and length of the ethernet cables. Wifi Genius provides a professional team of installers and laborers for the installation of ethernet cables in homes, at an affordable cost.