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A point to point wifi network  is a type of wireless system that establishes communication between two or more devices or networks. For example, communications between computers, switches, or routers. With Wifi Genius you can get point to point wifi installation services for telecommunications, computer networking, and industrial control systems.

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Benefits of Point to point wifi network 

Point to point wifi networks are the most reliable and most usable way to connect remote areas or buildings without the need for expensive wires such as optical fibers or ethernet cables. There are bundles of advantages of wifi access point installation. Some of the major benefits are below.

High-speed and increasing network capacity

Point to point network installation offers a high-speed and reliable network for your business. It enhances the data transfer rate i.e. up to several Gbps. Moreover,  Wifi access point installation can support multiple devices at a time and thus increase the network capacity and connect more users.

Cost-effective and easy to install

Point to point wifi network is a wireless network in which devices are connected using radio waves. Unlike a wired network, there is no need for expansive cables like fiber optics, ethernet, and leased lines. Such features make it cost-effective.  A wired network is tough to install whereas a point to point network is easy to install,  configure and maintain.

More Secure and safe

Wifi access point installation in your business can be configured with advanced security features such as WPA2 encryption and MAC address filtering to protect the network from unauthorized access. Point-to-point Wifi networks are more secure than other wireless networks, as the signal is confined to a narrow beam that is difficult to intercept.

Improving customer experience 

Installing a Wifi access point can help extend wireless coverage in an area, providing better connectivity and faster speeds. Point to point wifi networks operate on a dedicated frequency band, which means they are not subject to interference from other wireless networks or devices. Such networks bring users to connect with their loved ones and perform business activities without any interruption.

Point to point wifi network installation process

Wifi Genius follows certain steps for the installation of point to point networks. These steps involve:

Assessment and Site Survey

Professional installers of wifi Genius conduct a short survey to find the best location for the wireless access points. They note everything regarding the building. For example, line of sight, the distance between the points, obstacles, and environmental conditions. Our installers discuss all the requirements of the business and the necessary things with the business owners and prepare a work plan for network installation.

Equipment Selection and prices

Discussing the work plan with owners and looking at the requirements of the business, our network installers select the network equipment and its princess with the owners. Choose the appropriate equipment for the network, including wireless access points, directional antennas, and any additional hardware, such as switches or routers is finalized and move to the next step.

Installation and configuration

Installing the access points and antennas is done with much care because it is the point where you have to direct the signals to the other devices. Our installers configure the access points with the appropriate settings, such as SSID, security protocol, and IP addressing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The basic aim of a point to point network is to use it for long distances. Its range depends on the frequency, power output, and antenna gain. The typical range of such a network is in kilometers. Setting a long-range needs professional installers such as Wifi Genius. For more queries contact wifi Genius wifi installation providers UK.

Point to point network installations in your business offers you high-speed connectivity, are cost-effective, and are flexible. Moreover, with such types of networks, you can connect more employees at one time and transfer data at a high speed.

A point to point network is a wireless or wired network that connects two locations directly, typically over a long distance. This type of network connects more devices at the same time and enhances internet speed and data transfer rate.

Wifi Genius and point to point wifi installations services

Point to point network installation is quite tough and difficult especially, for large installations or more complex networks. Such network installation needs professional point to point installation services providers to do the job in such a way as to meet the required performance and security standards.

Wifi Genius in this regard offers various features to ensure a reliable and high-performing network. Some of its best features for wifi access point installation are:

  • Experienced and skilled technicians
  • Full customer support
  • Network monitoring
  • Maintaining network
  • Network repairing
  • Technical support
  • Reasonable rates

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Before wifi genius installation services, I was in a big tension of not getting smooth internet in my room. Also, there were issues with no signal in some locations of my home. I am surprised now by having Wifi Genius service in my home. Amazing!

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